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As part of PROMED's "COSTA RICA AS A HEALTHCARE DESTINATION" program, promoters are invited to join an official initiative dedicated to promoting Costa Rica as a premier medical tourism destination.

Under this initiative, promoters will benefit from robust support provided by both the Costa Rica and US PROMED offices. This support is designed to equip promoters with the necessary tools and resources to effectively promote the option of receiving medical care in Costa Rica to potential US patients.

Promoters will have the valuable opportunity to generate leads from individuals expressing interest in seeking healthcare services abroad. If a referred individual chooses to undergo medical or dental procedures at a PROMED approved hospital or clinic, the promoter will receive a promotional fee equivalent to 5% of the total amount invoiced for the medical or dental services provided. This incentivized structure recognizes and rewards promoters for their integral role in promoting Costa Rica as a sought-after destination for healthcare.

PROMED (The Costa Rican Healthcare Chamber) is the private not-for-profit organization that coordinates the efforts carried out to ensure the quality of services provided by the private health industry in Costa Rica and their international promotion, with the intention of consolidating the country as a center for global medicine and a major destination for medical tourism.

This board was born out of the need the private sector and the State had to supervise the quality of services rendered to medical tourism patients with the purpose of guaranteeing the sustainable growth of this industry.

To fulfill this goal, PROMED develops regulatory standards and promotes the certification of service providers, with the support of international bodies and the training of local certifiers

PROMED also looks to:

  • Secure Costa Rica's position internationally as a medical tourism and retirement destination based on high-quality medical services and the hospitality image that already distinguishes the country.

  • Ease the opening of new international markets by comprehensively promoting health and medical tourism.

  • Support the efforts of health authorities to standardize medical attention services.

  • Participate actively in the development of national strategies for promoting and attracting investment that benefits both industries.

  • Educate and support the creation of a more highly professional and specialized human capital within the tourism and health industries to improve their competitiveness.

PROMED brings together health service providers, health professionals, tourism service providers, academia, and other marketers of goods and services related to health and tourism.

As a reference body in the medical tourism sector, PROMED drives the coordination between the private and public sectors to attain Costa Rica's international consolidation, and it does so through its private role in the medical tourism cluster.

In the same way, it leads the implementation of the actions necessary to strengthen the offer of health tourism services to reach greater international competitiveness

The Seal of Quality PROMED is the official seal in Costa Rica recognizing the quality of the services provided by a company involved with medical travelers.

The Seal of Quality PROMED helps international patients choosing the right healthcare or tourism providers.

Holding the Seal means that the provider complies both with the national regulation and an international accreditation. PROMED recognizes as valid accreditations: the Joint Commission International JCI, The American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities AAAASF, the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care AAAHC, the Accreditation Commission for Health Care ACHC.

In addition to that, providers holding the Seal of Quality PROMED are part of a program called ¨Costa Rica Safe Destination for Medical Travelers¨ offering to international patients' additional benefits such as:

  • Follow Up medical network in the US and Canada;

  • International Conflicts Resolution through the International Center of Conciliation and Arbitration American Chamber of Commerce in Costa Rica;

  • Complication coverage insurance;

Medical tourism can be defined as the process of traveling to other cities or countries with the purpose of obtaining medical care, or for health/wellness reasons based on cost, quality or access.

What factors motivate U.S. patients to travel abroad for medical care?

  • The high cost of healthcare services in the U.S.

  • Increasing number of people without adequate insurance coverage (nearly 50 million)

  • Long wait times in countries such as Canada and Great Britain.

  • Expertise in certain procedures.

  • Non-availability of certain procedures at home.

  • The possibility to have a vacation while going through a minor medical or dental procedure

What type of medical procedures are people traveling for?

  • Elective procedures: Cosmetic surgery, dental treatments, medical check-ups, ophthalmology, orthopedics, and weight loss procedures

  • Non-elective procedures: Cardiology, spinal, gynecology, and general surgeries.

The typical international patient process includes the following steps:

  • Patient contacts hospital directly or through a medical tourism promoter.

  • Patient receives information about the hospital, doctor and the procedure

  • Medical records are reviewed and a price is provided for the procedure

  • Conference call with overseas doctor is arranged

  • Surgery is scheduled

  • Patient receives detailed itinerary and information packages

  • Patient arrives in Costa Rica and is picked-up at the airport and transferred to hotel or recovery retreat

  • Patient and companion engage in tours and sightseeing

  • Patient arrives at the hospital and is welcomed by international department staff

  • A bilingual assistant accompanies patient to all appointments and tests (patient is fast-tracked)

  • Patient meets with surgeon

  • Patient undergoes procedure

  • Patient recovers in hospital while in touch by phone or internet with family

  • Patient is dicharged to a beautiful recovery retreat to recuperate

  • Patient visits with surgeon for post-surgery evaluation

  • Patient is taken to airport for departure flight

  • Hospital/doctor monitors patient recovery process

Promoters will be granted the ability to alleviate themselves of any responsibility for the outcomes of medical and dental procedures. This will be achieved through the implementation of a disclaimer, wherein every individual seeking care in Costa Rica will be required to sign. By signing this document, patients willingly assume all risks associated with the specific medical or dental procedure they have traveled to Costa Rica for.

Promed will diligently craft and implement a comprehensive disclaimer, ensuring transparency and legal compliance. The organization is committed to maintaining thorough records, verifying that every patient has formally acknowledged and signed the disclaimer before their arrival in Costa Rica. This proactive approach underscores Promed's dedication to clarity, accountability, and the well-informed consent of everyone seeking medical or dental care.

  • Strategic location and ease of access from the U.S.
    • Direct flights from major U.S. and Canadian cities
    • Airport is located near all clinics and hospitals
  • Economic and political stability
    • Ranked highest in Political Stability and Absence of Violence index in Latin America
    • Safest country in Latin America
  • Internationally recognized hospitals and clinics highlighted through international recognized accreditations
    • The Joint Commission International (JCI)
    • Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC)
    • The American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF)
    • The Accreditation Commission for Health Care ACHC
    • Outranks the U.S. medical system according to the World health Organization (WHO)
    • Very low infection rates
    • Lower readmission rates than US
  • State-of-the art medical technology
    • The hospitals and clinics in Costa Rica use the same medical equipment than US providers
    • Many dental clinics use the same or better materials that top of the line US dental clinics
  • Board certified, experienced, multi-lingual medical professionals
    • Many physicians have U.S. training
    • Highly experienced and specialized
    • Multilingual international staff
    • Lower nurse to patient ratio- US average is 5 to 1, Costa Rica is 3 to 1
    • Lower wages allow for increased staff in support services
    • International patients receive VIP treatment
  • Personalized medical experience
  • Top sustainable tourism destination
  • Foreigner friendly country
  • No visa requirements for US citizens
  • Food and Culture
    • Learn the true meaning of “pura vida”
    • Top 5 environmental performer
    • Healthy and natural lifestyles

  • Declared of national and public interest by President Oscar Arias in 2009 and President Laura Chinchilla in 2012

  • Established as a public policy by “Promotion and Facilitation of Medical Tourism Services in Costa Rica” Law, approved in December 2022.

  • In 2019 Costa Rica received approx. 70.000 medical travelers injecting about $465 million in Costa Rica’s economy

  • Those medical tourists came mainly for:

    • 36% dental
    • 12% Plastic and esthetic
    • 1% Ophthalmology
    • 22% Other surgeries (orthopedics, bariatric, cardiovascular)
    • 14% Medical treatments (cancer, preventive medicine, dermatology)
    • 15% Other medical costs (pharmacy, rehabilitation, diagnostic)