As of January 2020, you'll receive 577 colones (CR's currency) for every US$1. You can download a currency converter mobile app i.e. Oanda Currency Converter (it's free).
Approximately 70,000 medical patients and 1,700,000 tourists per year.
50% from North America, 20% from Central and South America, 30% rest of the world.
Spanish is the official language of Costa Rica. English is widely spoken throughout the country and many other languages also spoken (Italian, French, Portuguese, etc).
Typical Latin American cuisine (rice, beans, salad, seafood, red meat, chicken) with a plethora of vegetarian options and a rich variety of fruits and vegetables.
Costarrican citizens are highly educated with a literacy rate of 97.8%.
The country has been ranked 3rd best healthcare system in the world. It's a best kept secret the world should know about given the top quality of healthcare, highly educated healthcare providers and significant savings vs most countries on earth.
3-7 days but it clearly depends on your procedure. Your healthcare providers will give you a more accurate estimate. click here to get started with a quote
Landlines and mobile phones can initiate or receive calls to and from anywhere in the world. Standard rates apply, check with your provider for specifics. The mobile APP "Whatsapp" is a great option at no cost.
Central Standard Time (no daylight savings time observed)
Finding your way around without a GPS
Your Medical Tourist package may include one companion if you choose to (more people if you so desire, additional costs will apply).
Article 75 of the Costa Rican Constitution states that the "Catholic, Apostolic, and Roman Religion is the official religion of the Republic." That same article provides for freedom of religion, and the government respects this right in practice.
If your doctor allows it, there are way too many options to list them all, but here you have a few ideas. Eco-tourism, historical city tour, beach resorts, mountain resorts, dining, etc.
Yes. Mobile service widely available as well. Check with your provider before or during your trip.
Costa Rica has been called the land of "Eternal Spring". Temperature ranges from 65 to 85F (18 to 29C) in the city, 45 to 65F (8 to 18C) in the mountains, 85 to 100F (29 to 38C) at sea level.
See temperature info in the previous question and plan accordingly
Yes! Costa Rica uses 911 for emergencies just like in the US. 611 for directory assistance (fees may apply) click here
A multilingual professional driver will be waiting for you as you exit the airport. He/she will have a sign with your name to easily identify each other.
Taxi service, they have fare meters for your convenience. You can ask before taking the ride how much it may cost to get to where you're going. They should be able to give you a pretty good estimate, and then you have the fare meter as well. There's also a bus service but taxi is the most convenient. But remember that your medical tourist package includes ground transportation related to your medical treatment. For other personal needs you can use a taxi or even talk to the driver who picked you up at the airport for your personal needs...he/she may be available.
Most major credit cards widely accepted. Ask the vendor.
Yes, most bank cards from all over the world are widely accepted. ATM's are found in many public places like shopping malls, gas stations, airports, convenience stores and of course banks. As usual, use caution when drawing money to protect your privacy. You can withdraw money in dollars and in Colones (the local currency), it's your decision.

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